Greystones Group Consulting, LLC

SeaPort-e Team Member

Business size

Small, Woman Owned 8m, 8a

Capability and Area of expertise

Greystones Group, headquartered in Reston, VA., is a diversified small business specializing in Program Management, Information Technology, Research and Communications services. Greystones is certified by the U.S. Small Business Administration for participation in the 8(a) Business Development Program and is a woman owned business. Since its inception, Greystones has grown rapidly, with clients that include the Office of Naval Research, The National Guard Bureau, Gryphon Technologies, L-3 Communications, VeriSign, AOL, and the World Bank.

SeaPort-e Functional Area Coverage

1. R&D Support
2. Engineering Support
4. Prototyping
5. System Des Doc/Tech Data
6. Software
10. CM Support
11. QA Support
12. IS/IA/IT
16. Logistics Support
17. Supply & Provisioning
18. Training
19. In-Service Eng
20. Program Support
21. Administrative Support


Functional Areas - 2. Engineering Support, 5. System Des Doc/Tech Data, 6. Software, 10. CM Support, 11. QA Support, 18. Training, 20. Program Support

Program Name
Re-engineering, Knowledge Management, Training and Programmatic Support

Contract Number

KM+ Features:

  • Web-based application
  • Customized dashboards
  • Interactive graphing
  • Data-base driven presentation creator
  • Super-admin capability for template management and data additions

In order to achieve the objectives, GG exclusively performed full SDLC functions in support of this program:

Program and Project Management: GG performed all aspects related to program and project management including creating and maintaining budgets, development schedules and coordination of all project resources.

Business Analysis: Used a series of subject matter expert interviews, reviews of existing processes, use case studies to determine what the needs of ONR Code 30 were prior to commencing any requirements work. This ensured a system that was built to meet the needs of the customer.

Requirements Definition: System requirements were developed based upon department priorities with extensive SME and end-user inputs to develop a comprehensive list of system needs. The requirements were prioritized and used for scoping the project. The document served as (and remains) a roadmap for future development.

User Interface Design: Greystones Group emphasizes building products with a heavy focus on usability and utility. Systems with strong user interface design drive user adoption rates higher and limit costs for training and support. GG employs UI designers throughout this project to ensure all features are built not only to meet basic functional requirements but also to employ sound design principles.

System Design & Development: Greystones Group uses an agile methodology, a highly iterative and collaborative approach to software development to design and build the KM+. Greystones Group focuses on using proven open source technologies, which allow for ultimate flexibility for ONR’s environments. KM+ uses the latest development tools for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP). The version in production at ONR runs on a Windows IIS platform.

QA Testing: Greystones Group’s development team performed integrated regression testing during the development cycle and conducts user acceptance testing with each new release of the system.

Documentation and Training: GG authored a comprehensive user manual and designed and conducted instructor lead classroom training for all users of the system. Additionally, Greystones Group provides individual instruction for users requesting additional assistance.

System Integration: Defined the schedule for the on-site activities and developed the project plan for implementation (including project team and end user training)
Defined specific needs for business and subject matter experts, with needed availability levels for the phase 2 requirements development task
Ensured that hardware and software required for this implementation was in place

Data Validation and Import: Based upon the data model designed, the development team validated the entire data set provided by ONR including loading the data into the system and performing a full suite of validation procedures to ensure compliance and accuracy of the data

On site Implementation: GG works directly with ONR technical support to install and operate an on-site version of the system. This requires coordination and compliance with all ONR system policies and procedures.

System Support: GG continues to provide full system support of the production version of KM+ to include maintenance of all servers within our domain, bug fixing, enhancements and providing onsite office hours for user support.

Points of Contact for Services Performed