Kingfisher Systems, Inc.

SeaPort-e Team Member

Business size

Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

Capability and Area of expertise

Kingfisher specializes in providing National Security support to the U.S. government. Kingfisher's core competency is in technology-enabled services, with a specific focus on the Intelligence (Counterintelligence and Foreign Intelligence), Security, Irregular Warfare (including Cyber, Counterterrorism, and Antiterrorism), Homeland Security, and Law Enforcement Communities. Kingfisher’s services include the following lines of business:

  • Strategic Services, including strategic planning, performance management, decision support, facilitation, and program management.
  • Operational Services, including analysis, training, and operations support.
  • Technology Services, including program management, life cycle planning, enterprise architecture, information assurance, and concept development.
  • Support Services, including policy analysis, business process improvement, financial management, acquisition planning, administrative services, and contingency planning and support.

SeaPort-e Functional Area Coverage

1. R&D Support
2. Engineering Support
3. Modeling
4. Prototyping
5. System Des Doc/Tech Data
6. Software
7. RM&A
8. HF Engineering Support
9. System Safety
10. CM Support
11. QA Support
12. IS/IA/IT
13. Ship Inactivation/Disposal
14. Interoperability/T&E/Trials
15. Measure Facilities/Ranges
16. Acquisition Logistics
17. Supply&Provisioning
18. Training
19. In-Service Eng
20. Program Support
21. Administrative Support
22. Public Affairs


Functional Areas - 3.14 Interoperability/T&E/Trials

Program Name
Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration C2 Laboratory and Distributed Engineering Plant


Contract Number
N00178-04-D-4042 / TO 0015 Subcontract EGGM000153/001

  • Provide support to the NSWCDD W Department to plan and execute combat systems engineering projects for the DDG 1000, Littoral Combat Ship, and other surface ship programs as directed.
  • Support for the Development and Integration of the DDG 1000 C2 Architecture and the LCS Combat System Configuration in a Navy, Joint, and Coalition Network.
  • Kingfisher personnel serve as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to evaluate the design and develop tactics, techniques, and procedures to operate and maintain shipboard systems.
  • Kingfisher personnel develop techniques and procedures to configure systems for operation in a networked environment.
  • Kingfisher provides engineering and technical expertise to support NSWCDD Land based test sites and laboratories. We provide qualified Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to configure shipboard systems for operation in a networked environment. We participate in scenario development and modifications of the models and simulations used during tests and exercises.
  • Kingfisher provides the expertise to assist in the design, development, integration and testing of software solutions for the individual systems in designated labs. We also assist with efforts to incorporate models and simulations into the laboratories. Kingfisher personnel prepare briefings, point papers, reports, and provide training.
  • Kingfisher personnel provide qualified SMEs to collaborate with the coalition research, development, and acquisition community members, as needed, to achieve the strategic goals of W Department. Kingfisher qualified SMEs understand evolving shipboard systems as well as legacy systems for purposes of integration in networks.
  • Kingfisher personnel provide operational and technical lead engineers for exercises and demonstrations, and other exercises and events, as required by the Navy. Kingfisher SMEs use this experience to assist warfighters in the execution and further evaluation of the Tactical Memorandum (TACMEMO) or similar user-operational documentation.
  • Kingfisher personnel evaluate new Joint and Naval Surface Combatants technology. This includes the CONOPS to provide, strike capabilities, and calls for fire in coalition warfighting. We also analyze HSI concerns for optimal ship manning and provide program management support to future ship programs in the area of Life Cycle Engineering and Support (LCE&S) as a result of lessons learned. Additionally, we analyze the other logistics required for sustainment of systems on future Navy Surface Combatants (DDG 1000 and LCS).
  • Kingfisher Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) participate in ad hoc meetings, technical discussions, and briefings. These SMEs prepare reports describing the meetings they attended and any processes/functions which were uncovered. These SMEs are required to answer action items and provide detailed insights into program operations and concepts.
  • Kingfisher personnel perform systems-level analysis including interface analysis. We conduct Interoperability analysis and develop necessary metrics. Kingfisher SMEs evaluate design options and provide recommended solutions to identified interoperability problems .
  • Kingfisher personnel support development and assessment of test plans, test cases, and any SIM/STIM scenarios needed. We also analyze test data/results and report the results, with attendant system, platform, and network application.
  • Kingfisher provides support to the test coordinator in concept definition, design alternatives, and provide Test Observation Reports (TORs).

Points of Contact for Services Performed