Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc.

SeaPort-e Team Member

Business size

Large Business

Capability and Area of expertise

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: KTOS) is a specialized National Security Technology business providing mission critical products, services and solutions for United States National Security priorities. Kratos’ core capabilities are sophisticated engineering, manufacturing and system integration offerings for National Security platforms and programs. Kratos’ areas of expertise include C5ISR, unmanned systems, cyber warfare, cyber security, information assurance, critical infrastructure security and weapons systems sustainment.

SeaPort-e Functional Area Coverage

1. R&D Support
2. Engineering Support
3. Modeling
4. Prototyping
5. System Des Doc/Tech Data
6. Software
7. RM&A
8. HF Engineering Support
9. System Safety
10. CM Support
11. QA Support
12. IS/IA/IT
13. Ship Inactivation/Disposal
14. Interoperability/T&E/Trials
15. Measure Facilities/Ranges
16. Acquisition Logistics
17. Supply&Provisioning
18. Training
19. In-Service Eng
20. Program Support
21. Administrative Support
22. Public Affairs


Functional Areas - 1. R&D Support, 2. Engineering Support, 3. Modeling, 4. Prototyping, 5. System Des Doc/Tech Data, 6. Software, 7. RM&A, 9. System Safety, 10. CM Support, 12. IS/IA/IT, 14. Interoperability/T&E/ Trials, 16. Acquisition Logistics, 17. Supply & Provisioning, 18. Training, 19. In-Service Eng, 20. Program Support, 21. Administrative Support

Program Name
Engineering and Programmatic Support Services to NSWCDD 
Engagement Systems Department (G Department)

Contract Number

KDRSS provides engineering and programmatic support services to the Engagement Systems Department (G Department), with NSWCDD/G24 as the cognizant office. The Engagement Systems Department includes the Weapons Effectiveness and Launchers Division (G20), Gun Systems and Light Weapons Division (G30), Systems Safety Engineering Division (G70), and Platform Integration Division (G80). KDRSS also supports other NSWCDD departments including but not limited to K, Q, W, and Z Departments, and activities including, but not limited to, F Department (CDSA), the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), Program Executive Offices (PEO), Office of Naval Research (ONR), Missile Defense Agency (MDA), and Chief of Naval Operations (OPNAV) relative to the NSWCDD/G Department mission in engagement systems programs.

The Engagement Systems Department conducts research and development analyses, including but not limited to lethality and effectiveness analyses, and systems engineering and integration on weapon launcher systems; novel weapon system technologies and advanced payloads; non-lethal engagement systems; expeditionary weapons, ammunition, and targeting systems; minor, medium, and large caliber gun and ammunition systems; advanced gun and precision munitions systems; electromagnetic gun systems; lethal and non-lethal weapons and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) technologies that are integrated into small manned tactical platforms, such as vehicles and small boats; lethal and non-lethal weapons and ISR technologies that are integrated into unmanned systems; and sensor and communication systems that are integrated onto engagement platforms. KDRSS provides systems engineering program and project support focused on engineering design and analysis, programmatic support, testing, system safety, software design and compatibility, logistics, and training support.

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