Mountain State Information Systems, Inc. (MSIS)

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Business size

Small Business

Capability and Area of expertise

Mountain State Information Systems, Inc. (MSIS) is a dynamic small business established in 1995 as a West Virginia Corporation.

MSIS specializes in providing software and systems engineering services for large-scale, complex systems. We have been providing high technology support services to the Navy since 1995 and to NASA since 1997.

Currently headquartered in Eastsound, Washington, MSIS has teams of personnel working on-site at the NASA Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Facility in Fairmont, West Virginia; at Naval Surface Warfare Centers in Dahlgren, Virginia (NSWCD Dahlgren) and Crane, Indiana (NSWC Crane); and at other contractor sites in Rockville, MD.

SeaPort-e Functional Area Coverage

1. R&D Support
2. Engineering Support
5. System Des Doc/Tech Data
6. Software
9. System Safety
10. CM Support
11. QA Support
12. IS/IA/IT
14. Interoperability/T&E/Trials
16. Logistics Support
18. Training
19. In-Service Eng
20. Program Support


Functional Areas - 2. Engineering Support, 5. System Des Doc/Tech Data, 16. Logistics Support, 18. Training

Program Name
Various, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Crane Division

Contract Number

2. Engineering Support: MSIS is disassembles (removal of all obsolete cables, panels and components) and re-engineers COC trailers and rebuilds systems of transit cases (replacing obsolete hardware, cables, and brackets). MSIS technicians have rebuilt JREs, Track Managers, DSUs, and Switch transit cases using work cards and pictures.

5. System Des Doc/Tech Data: MSIS performed system description documentation and technical data management across several command and control systems that included engineering documents or training materials and using structured FrameMaker, Adobe Pro X, and Adobe Illustrator to accomplish project tasking. This included: edited or created new PDF files for CAC2S courses: 72xx, 5939, and 5974, updated graphics for ADCP and finished edited and updated MTAOM for ECP 002; made corrections based on redlines from clients on ECP 005 for MTAOM, as well as the CAC2S projects.

16. Logistics Support: MSIS performs a wide spectrum of logistics support operations for diverse Navy and Marine Corps C2 systems in Crane, IN: Identified remaining in house inventory on received items for TI-01 CIS following a transition from a prior incumbent contractor; Combined like items for TI-01 CIS to optimize space, location, and grouping; Moved CIS inventory items into new rack space and recorded new locations; Pulled inventory items for TI-01 CIS, MTAOM, and CDLS as needed on orders; and in one month period, 2200 items labeled and received for TI-01 CIS inventory items into LMS2 system. Other activities have included: inventoried, identified, and disposed of CIS and MTOAM components and assemblies received from SAIC; performed hands-on inventory of items listed on packing slips, making corrections and changes to quantity or description as needed for use in determining applicability to current Bill Of Materials (BOM); received and catalogued approximately pallets of CIS material and pallets of MTOAM material for use in building a logistics database of stock on-hand; researched parts using WebFlis, engineering drawings, and parts lists for the purpose of determining NSN availability, alternate part numbers, FSCM and price in order to further determine applicability to the BOM (Parts that were not associated with the BOM are segregated and stored as frustrated items awaiting final disposition); Marked and inventoried over pallets of scrap/outdated material for transfer to DRMO.

18. Training: MSIS completed redlines for 74 NET and Schoolhouse courses; updated and edited work packages and created a TMER for SAMM/SUM; performed CM on curriculum for the 5974 course; performed ECP changes to the CAC2S system; and updated and revised student guides and master lesson files. In addition: Developed the curriculum for the 5974 course; Created work packages for the ECP changes to the CAC2S system; trained Marines on the 5974 curriculum at various locations throughout the country; Reviewed, redlined and edited curriculum and presentation slides for CAC2S 72XX Operations training; Cross trained with 5974 instructors and engineers on setup, wiring, and server/client computer commands on the Processing and Display System Operations Trailer (PDS OT).

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